Costa hosts 2024 pride event

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 6/11 9:49A La Vista
Win Gurney Staff Writer Photo Courtesy of Win Gurney Mira Costa High School recently hosted a vibrant Gay Pride event, uniting students in a celebration of diversity and positivity.  Our school has a lot of hate in it sometimes, but this event...


La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 6/11 9:42A La Vista
Kit Humbarger and Sophia Luckey Managing Editors Kit & Sophia : Candid Photo Courtesy of Kit Humbarger Hi! This is Kit and Sophia, signing on for their first ever column! Our (now former crying on the floor) editor-in-chief and personal deity Ava...

Prom Royalty are 2-for-2 for ‘23-’24

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 6/11 9:15A La Vista
Lucy Hansen Executive Features Editor And Katie Anderson Features Editor Photo courtesy of Siena Fredrick Seniors Dash Clark and Siena Fredrick have done it again! After being nominated and winning homecoming king and queen earlier this year,...

Junior Bottene runs Nonna Bella Pasta business

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 6/11 9:08A La Vista
Kit Humbarger Managing Editor Photo Courtesy of Bianca Bottene Junior Bianca Bottene created her pasta business, Nonna Bella Pasta, in the fall of 2023 to strengthen her cultural ties with her family.  Bottene originally started this business to...

Katie Cavallaro is the new Robinson principal

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 6/11 9:00A La Vista
Kylee Brown Staff Writer Katie Cavallaro will take over the role as the new Robinson Elementary Principal. Cavallaro will begin this position in the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. She will work with the current Robinson Principal, Jackie...

Sofia bids La Vista farewell

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 5/23 7:39P La Vista
Sofia Williams  Editor in Chief When I sat down to write this senior goodbye, I struggled to find a way to start it—each version of the introduction came out cheesier than the last, likely because I was at a loss for words to convey how formative...

Lily says goodbye to Room 101

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 5/23 7:37P La Vista
Lily Mitchell Managing Editor I originally joined La Vista to fulfill my art credit, but with guidance from the Editors-in-chief, who just so happened to be my older sister and her close friend, Mia Cho, as well as the constant support from Mr....

How La Vista changed Ava’s high school experience

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 5/23 7:35P La Vista
Ava Nicols Editor in Chief If you had told my sophomore year self that my life is what it is now I would have thought you were kidding. Different interests, friends, attitude—I can thank Room 101 for much of this.  The first time I approached Mr....

Jenna and Alana reminisce on their time in La Vista

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 5/23 7:31P La Vista
Jenna Walter Executive Theme Editor Alana Frank Theme Editor After many long nights and procrastinated pages, we can t believe that our time on LaVista is over. We have made so many lifelong friends and so many memories that we will cherish...

Mona Cho continues her path of activism through DOSE Initiative

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 5/23 7:14P La Vista
Katie Anderson, Lauren Becker Staff Writers and Lucy Hansen Assistant Features Editor Photo caption: Mona Cho continues her work with the DOSE initiative at the annual AAUW’s tri-branch meeting. She gave a flawless presentation on the signs of...

Maia Rocha creates Doing Done productivity app

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 5/23 7:20A La Vista
Katie Anderson and Emily Pfaff Staff Writers Maia Rocha holds her winning Youth Entrepreneur Academy app, “Doing Done.” Photo credit: first photo from Emily Pfaff, second photo from Maia Rocha. Maia Rocha found her love for coding in elementary...

XoXo, Ava: Ava draws inspiration from The Mel Robbins Podcast

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 4/29 6:47A Ava Nicols
By Ava Nicols Editor-in-Chief I was on a walk listening to my favorite podcast, shoutout Mel Robbins, when I stopped completely to rewind what she said. “Thinking will not create belief in yourself.” One thing I love about this podcast is that...

In The Giving Spirit?

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 4/27 2:35A Lily Mitchell
By Lily Mitchell Managing Editor Senior Devan Malik works with a homeless aid charity based in Los Angeles called The Giving Spirit to start a donation drive for domestic abuse victims. Malik, along with 11 other students from all around Los...

Sophomore Tian asks teachers to GradeWithAI

La Vista (Mira Costa High School) 4/27 2:31A La Vista
By Isabel Lee Contributing Writer On February 27th, an email was sent out by Mira Costa teacher Matthew Wheeler, informing parents and students of the English Department’s adoption of a new policy regarding the grading of written assignments- an...
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